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Before I get too entrenched again in mac-n-cheese, cereal, scrambled eggs, bologna, and PB&J cuisine, I’d better make a quick list of all the wonderful food I was able to scarf while in NY, sans children, on an expense account, with good friends and all the time in the world to enjoy ourselves…

foie gras and duck confit on toast
filet mignon with medly of tips (we called it “beef with a side of beef”—no idea what was up with that)
bagels & cream cheese every morning
lobster potstickers with braised garlic cloves
fresh sushi-grade tuna with pickled cucumbers with greens and crispy tortillas
mango-and-foie gras empanadas
pork loin that fell apart as you served yourself, with bok choy and mushrooms—in some kind of amazing reduction
pan-seared duck with bok choy (again—why do I never prepare this myself??)
wok-sauteed fresh veggies
wine galore
…to top it off…
…a delectable dessert at Cuba de China called “The Bay of Pigs”…composed of two scoops of vanilla, two scoops of chocolate, caramel sauce and macadamia nuts on one side and chocolate sauce on the other, flanked by bananas, embedded with some unusual and incredibly delicious coconut roll slices, all on top of a walnut brownie, smothered in whipped cream. If you think I was in a hurry to get home to my own kitchen, you are sorely mistaken. We all wore our stretchiest clothes the next day, and couldn’t stop raving.

We were all loving it, but by the fourth day we were desperately homesick, and the urge to be with our families overrode the gluttony at last. I think Matt and I knew we had hit the wall when we were casually sitting outside of a meeting room, absently picking at several pistachio, mocha, raspberry and mango petit fours plucked from the dessert buffet and wondering whether to finish them or go check our email. All good things must come to an end.

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