Oh and one more

In case you were beginning to suspect that our trip was totally devoid of any redeeming social value, let me list the other sights we saw and things we did:

Saw Bernadette Peters in “Gypsy” on Broadway—utterly fantastic—based on the life of Broadway Gypsy Rose

Visited Ground Zero and experienced the most profound silence I have ever experienced within the confines of Manhattan

Walked from our hotel in Times Square to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Central Park and spent an afternoon being amazed at the other folks who have shared this planet with us and painted it in ways I’ve never considered

Took pictures of ourselves in from of the Cup-of-Noodles sign with the steam wafting to the sky in Times Square

Took pictures of ourselves with New York’s Finest

Debated taking pictures of ourselves with the Naked Cowboy, but couldn’t quite bring ourselves to do it

Shopped at the carnival that is Century 21—fantastic deals, but a highly stressed shopping environment. Actually rescued a British woman from a cash register line misunderstanding that may have resulted in a beating from the sales associate if I hadn’t leaped in and provided translation assistance.

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