And the kicker

So what did I think about all last night while I couldn’t sleep/get comfortable/convince my dd that I was not going to be her all-night binkie?

The Internal Revenue Code.

Can you not hear chuckling from above? (Cut it out, Murphy.)

I lay awake for long stretches last night, trying to remember the exact phrasing in regard to out-of-compliance grantees—and just how much room was there to interpret “reasonable period of time??” When is a uncooperative recipient truly a deadbeat, and when is there merely insufficient communication? Guess I’ll find out this fall as I sift through the remaining 427 expenditure responsibility grants piled in the next office. What with being in NY for a week and have the most disease-ridden, high-maintenance home in history, I have keep doing recalculations on how many I have to get through each day in order to be done by December 31. Elissa—quick—I need a glass of Veuve.

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