All about Mindy!

I told Mindy I would guest blog for her.  Starting on the 23rd.  Is it the 23rd yet?  (Better late than never?  Make an entrance?  Fashionably late?)

Well, I assume since you are reading this blog, you know Mindy.  Or do you?  Let’s see how well you have paid attention to what she has told us about her life.  Are you ready?

Go take the How well do you know Mindy and The Mommy Blog quiz.  Be sure to come back here and post your results.  We all want to hear them.  If it was too easy, let me know.  I am great at making things tougher.  I can make one even Mindy can’t pass!


  1. WOW. Just went to take the test, and it’s overloaded!!! What is going on over there???

    Well, the conference is over, and I am coming home tomorrow night… after my—let me clarify this—plane stops in Denver, where Lee works. Layover… you wish. *wink

  2. **snort** you said “layover” again **giggle**

  3. Well I have taken it 73 times and I still can get higher than about half.  They obviously don’t know you like I do.

  4. Am I really that mysterious?? Come on folks, I’m not freaking Emo Phillips here.

  5. **compares photos of Emo and Mindy**

    Well, Mindy DOES have longer hair…

  6. Emo is that fish right?

  7. Wow, I didn’t expect to get 100.  I have only been reading her posts for a couple of months and I haven’t had the time to read her archives yet. 

    I was actually thought some of the answers would be from her Genuine 100 list and I’d be really stupid and pick those!