If It’s on the Internet, It Must Be True

My buddy Matt sent this on, and I thought it was worth a link and a chuckle.

What characterizes states that vote for George W. Bush?
An analysis of voting patterns reveals that their populations tend to:

1. Lack a college education
2. Be White
3. Be obese
4. Shop at Walmart


  1. *throws out remaining Halloween candy, hides Walmart receipts, and pulls ‘Kerry-Edwards’ T-shirt from laundry basket!*

  2. Ouch.  hehe

  3. And handsome, poetic sumo wrestling types? Nader I imagine.

  4. Doesn’t Texas kinda throw their model a bit?

    as a state we may have lots who didn’t go to college, but actual VOTERS – usually people that can take time off work to go vote, and usually better off financially.  Not automatically meaning they went to college (Michael Dell is a dropout, poor little billionaire.  Perhaps I should read the article before I shoot my mouth off some more.

  5. Okay, read it, and yes he does seem to not be looking at VOTERS as much as POPULATION, which of course will just dilute everything.

    Thanks for the link!


  6. There is a REASON I abhor Wal-Mart. Now I know why.

  7. Damn Walmartians.

    my word is: and

    Hah!  And…

  8. Must be an interesting distribution curve… me: Over-educated, thin, (ok, I’m white), shops anywhere I can get clothes that fit my gangly body… Voted for Bush.

  9. ROTFL!

    ‘Tis Great.
    Go see my proof-of-voting blog entry…:)


  10. Is it o.k. to have Walmart stock?!

  11. I’m fat, and white, and mid-college education, and I’m about to go buy some stuff at Wal-Mart.  (of course, it’s that or Zellers.)  Please forgive me?  If I were American, I totally would’ve voted for Kerry.  Bush is a putz.

  12. Yeah, Wally World sux…that’s why no one shops there.

    /Three degrees, white, thin, shops everywhere

  13. NEVER shop at Wal Mart (unless with Amber!)
    Went to college and still am going to college
    Ok so obese wins out
    I’m white
    So two for two isn’t bad.

  14. NINbreeders. :|

  15. I’m white, shop at Walmart, because that’s what my 4 year degree that took me 6 years to get, job pays me enough to afford. Oh, and I voted for the guy who didn’t win, but since I live in TX I didn’t much matter.

  16. Ah, yes, when all else fails, make fun of the winners! Doesn’t make a damned bit of difference but, hey, it’s about all they can do.

    By the way, I’m overweight, white, didn’t go to college and I shop at Walmart (though only because there is literally nowhere else to shop here) and I voted for Kerry. Meanwhile, my husband, a.k.a. the law school graduate, voted for Bush. But if it makes people feel better to pigeonhole others based on where they live, whatever.