Mood Indicator II

It just got worse.


Update! Who says I’m unteachable? Jay says there’s a MUCH more efficient way!


0 thoughts on “Mood Indicator II

  1. mindy

    No, but the stoat is sniffing around…

    My word is “income.” Please, please, please let this not affect my income.

    Alternatively, it can be interpreted as “INCOMING!”

  2. jMom

    No, no! Not hari-kari! Try hare krishna, or even better, Mata Hari (who, I am sure, had killer hair, among other things)!

  3. jilbur

    well, I know what I was going to say. Which is this. At first, I thought that the top photo was, you know, kicked in the nuts lying face down on the floor gasping. Though I’m perfectly aware that you don’t, you know, have nuts, still, poetic licence and all that, and then there’s that gut instinct to Protect The Parts. Right. But just now it occurs to me that what the top photo really looks like is a singularly uncomfortable position for masturbation. And after all, it does reduce stress … secret word? quality—you can always depend upon it, from me.