Refrigerator Art

I spent part of this afternoon digging out some of the kids’ art and scanning them before they rot away in the garage… or get nibbled by rats… (YES, mom, I know. I WILL get an exterminator!! Gah, I have to watch what I say I’m going to do here, because she always.follows.up.)

And now they have their own little gallery. I’ll add more as they come along. (And I found the Degas!)

P.S. I think Don has nailed it!!

Possible Inspiration for Dylan’s Painting: this is pretty close to Dylan’s painting. The angel Jeremiah, blonde hair, arms crossed, halo (not headphones), wings in background?, hair off to one side (but different side).



  1. I have a large box for each of the kids full of their masterpeices… I know I should do the same!

    ‘How’ will I ever find the time?

  2. I was very impressed by “sweet, sour, salty”. Nice imagination going there. Kudos to Dylan for drawing it, but also to the teacher for having had the idea.

  3. Great idea to scan them.  I should start doing that now while Ethan is still little hasn’t done to many pictures yet.  A woman I work with mats and frames pics like these and has them all over her office….which is very cool.
    Your kids have got some talent!

  4. My mom (who was an artist) used to frame and hang my art work. Not all of it, obviously, but a few of the best. It was really cool, way more encouraging than just a magnet on the fridge. Or uh, leaving it to rats in the garage! :)

    Just call me “square”

  5. Good idea

    I’m not a saver. But scanning in the artwork would be doable for me because it would not be taking up space and getting moldy anywhere.

    My parents have big boxes for each of us in my dads attic but we never go through it.

    “company” – as in: I think you are getting used to your company in the attic.

  6. But what does Dylan say?

    “Yes, mommy that’s what I painted.”
    - or -
    “No, mommy not even close?”

  7. I think he was drawing *you*

  8. And all this time I thought it was Eve hanging back with a “The men are fucking it up again” posture.

  9. CUTE!

    They must have someone encouraging them to mimic the greats.