And to Think That This Was My Major…

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred posted today about success and what it does and does not mean. For instance? Candidates for The Apprentice think they are pursuing it, but in fact they are not. At least not in any way SC&A or I would respect.

SC&A said “it is never about ‘manageable’ consequences.” Well, who in blue blazes has the cajones to predict any consequence as manageable? Certainly no one who had experienced any real adversity. See, I expect them to be hypo manageable, and that is how I remain alert and upright.

SC&A continues:

The qualities you really need to succeed in life include humility, the ability to compromise, the knowledge and acceptance of the reality that you will fail in some efforts. Most importantly, you need the ability to forgive- not just your partner, but yourself as well. In real life, unlike in business, failure or making mistakes aren’t a reason to quit- they are another chance to get it right and do it even better.

If you really want to succeed in life, you have to understand the real nature of success.

Real success is defined by overcoming obstacles, period. Think about it: Of all the people you know, and have the most respect for, the one thing they all have in common is that they have overcome obstacles. Sometimes it may not be easy- but with a bit of work and commitment, success is inevitable.

I left a comment. And couldn’t shake it.

Obstacles: check.
Overcoming them: working on it.
Failures: aplenty.
Humility: and then some.
Forgiveness: struggling and getting there.
Loved and wanted: by my children, sure.
Safe? Not on your life.

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