Caveat Amicus

I am me and me am I,
I never promised apple pie.


  1. Pie?

    Who’s askin’ for pie!

    Lemme at ‘em.  I’ll give em a pie they’ll wish they never had!

    (and my magic password is “gave.”  I think I’ll head back to my mountain and ponder that for a bit.)

  2. good, I’d rather have pudding…….or ice cream…..or beer.

    Hey, my special word is “grwoing”. I’m sensing a theme.

  3. I like pie.

    But my secret word is middle, and that is where they pie shall dwell, forever and ever.

  4. My apple pie is probably better than yours anyway! ;)

    Heeeee, the secret word is… “class”

  5. Fun with palendromes – I love it!