0 thoughts on “Get With The Program

  1. Meghan

    Yes Mindy, of course I will Marry you!

    I like the spa idea.  My only concern would be the whooping and screeching and the shattering of glass as the decibel level undoubtedly rises the further along the conversation gets.  Oh screw them.  We should definitely do that.

  2. MetroDad

    I’m jealous.  Looks like you ladies had a great time.  Wish us fellas could be organized enough to start a similar conference.  Of course, our flickr photos would probably be different.  Anyway, glad to hear that you all were able to experience such a cool gathering.

  3. Amber

    Ooooooh!  That looks like it was my kind of party!!

    And flickr?  Don’t you just love it?  You know you could set up a group and everyone could upload there pictures from blogher to the same place…