I dreamed about you all last night
We were in some tropical apartment
Horrible bathrooms
And toward the end
You were talking with me on the last day
And telling me that you weren’t in love with me
That you couldn’t be
And never were
And so I got up to leave and you kept tossing things to me as I walked down the hall
Out the door
Down the walk
My hairpins
My earrings
Ponytail holders
And I was catching them but wouldn’t turn around
Because I didn’t want you to see me face again after you said those things to me
It was awful
Am crying again just remembering
And I couldn’t figure out how to get home because suddenly I couldn’t read the signs and didn’t understand the currency and couldn’t ask anyone for help
I was looking for Magnolia Avenue and I knew it was around there and then I would be ok
Did I ever tell you I grew up on Magnolia Avenue?
6223 north
I remember asking you if you wee in love with someone else
and you didn’t hesitate
“Then why isn’t she enough? Why me?”
“She is enough”
That’s when I left
And got lost

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