Is this gonna be on the blog?

That, asked by an unidentified co-worker as I stepped off the elevator on the wrong floor. As anyone who has ever been in a hotel with me knows (pipe down, you in the back), I not only have a room key disability, but I have trouble finding the right corridor, floor, whatever. I can never find my hotel key until I am at home a week later and try to pay for my Starbucks with it. But this time… THIS time, I have it nailed. If I ever get lost? I can just go to the breakfast area and look up. I’m sorry, that joke just hasn’t gotten old with me yet. I find it highly amusing to think I could moon people over their pumpkin-and-cream-cheese muffins.

Okay, have much reading to do, and am sleepy from all the yummy lobster raviolis. And apple tart. And pinot noir. And laughing. I like my co-workers. (Hi there! I know you all ran back to your rooms to read this!)

Nite nite.

P.S. Oh—two great words aquired today: “automatated” and “templatetized.” Still not “yessy” caliber, but enough to have to avoid eye contace and stifle a giggle.