Two more things…

Just as I was logging on to TypePad to see if my latest DotMoms post was up, I miss-typed the login info and found myself here instead.

“What’s a Weblog?”
Julie Moos Organizes DotMoms

DotMoms is a weblog that features smart, fun, and focused writing about motherhood from many perspectives. The DotMoms are good writers with something to say about life on the homefront. We aim to be a diverse group that reflects all kinds of moms (different ages, locations, races, religions, and so on), and all kinds of kids. In fact, some of us are kids—at heart, if not chronologically—people who have moms, and know moms, and can share observations from that point of view…  Read more…

Ooh! ooh! And Julie says that Dot Moms is featured in a new book called, Blogosphere: Best of Blogs. It’s like Christmas every time I stumble upon a mention of DotMoms or my blog or that of anyone else I know. DotMoms is such a fantastic group of writers, and I am proud to have gotten in on the early side back when there wasn’t such a rigorous screening process. Seriously, more get turned away than are invited. I feel lucky to be allowed to publish two essays a month there. Didn’t I mention that they were voted one of‘s Coolest web sites of 2005? Well, they were!

The other thing I wanted to mention was that my new site is very, very close to being launched. The Lovely and talented Joelle of Moxie Design Studios has outdone herself this time with a design incorporating snazzy art from DesignHer Gals. They made a Mindy Gal and everything! Go check them out… a percentage of each purchase goes to fund care for Stage Four breast cancer patients. And they make chic, fun paper goods. What’s not to like