Why am I not surprised?

Today is Dylan’s third day at Logan’s school—the transfer back to our regular school came through over the holiday. His former teacher was sad to lose him. She had finally made some behavioral breakthroughs with him and was really starting to like the little guy. Well, why not keep things interesting? Let’s give him to a new teacher!

When I took him to class this morning, his teacher asked if I knew that he’d been moved away from the rest of the class the day before. (His second day, for those keeping score at home.) He’d told me he’d been punished, but that he had no idea why. Well, his teacher knew, and he stared at his sneakers as she filled me in.

“He walked into the classroom—Dylan, do you remember how we walk into a room?” Dylan nodded. “He was singing and was totally disruptive, so I asked him to go out and try again. He did the same thing again. The third time he walked in nicely, and then crashed through his classmates to land on his spot on the rug.”

“Oh, my God.” My son, Jerry Lewis.

“Luckily, I have a really good class this year, and they were all mortified. You could have heard a pin drop.”

“Dylan! That is not how you show respect and follow directions! You could have hurt someone.” At least none of the kids laughed. That only encourages it. The boy loves an audience, and once he gets one he just gets funnier and funnier, and I have to pretend it’s not funny at all. And then I run here to write it all down.

“I am very sorry about that and we will talk more about it this afternoon. I had a feeling he’d be testing you this week.”

“He told me that the other teacher was much better.”

Perfect. Way to ingratiate yourself.

“I know he misses her. Honestly, I think he just wanted to see what you’d do. And he may keep it up until he’s sure you won’t tolerate it. He’s trying to figure you out, so just keep on doing what you’re doing, and don’t give him an inch. Again, I’m very sorry. I know how frustrating it is.”

Little stinker. He had nooooo idea what he’d done wrong.

In other news, Logan is writing essays and in journals this year and I just love seeing them as they come home. He’ll kill me for reprinting it here but man, did it tickle me.

Rain is wet! I like the rain. It is nice and cod [sic]. It is also very, very, very, very, very, very wet. It is lovely. I like the sound of pitter pattering. Hey, did you know rain starts the food chain? It does! Really, it starts the food chain. Rain is fantastic! Now remember, rain is wet, but great!

0 thoughts on “Why am I not surprised?

  1. Katie

    Oh dear, poor Dylan, poor you, poor Dylan’s new teacher!  We’re going through some of the same “testing” with the twin’s new teachers, I feel like a broken record going over what their teachers had to do last year to get them to behave.

    Logan’s journaling is precious!  Our new school system doesn’t seem to do that like our old one did, I miss it reading their adorable little thoughts.

  2. sunnysitsy

    I am surprised that the teacher was being so candid with you after just meeting you. As a teacher I try to give room for growth and for sure want to make a good impression with the parent. 

    Poor Dylan.  Change is super hard.  I love your atittude.  You are a GREAT mom!

    Love the journeling.  GREAT writier.  You should be super proud.

  3. Mindy

    Actually, we were smiling about it. He was being so good today that we had a very nice conversation at pickup and we laughed and said that this morning’s conversation must have been heard. She’s very sweet. I just hope this better behavior lasts! At least they both know where they stand, and that’s all we need for now.

  4. cmhl

    Dylan is awesome—- I must just say that.  I know you are ready and willing to pull your hair out at any moment, but your stories about him (most) crack me up.  what a personality. 

    Neither of my kids are the slightest big self-conscious (I have no clue how they got that way—certainly not from my spouse or myself??  milkman?)  anyway, my son said the other day “we had a sub today, and I decided to try to act shy, to make her feel more comfortable.”  oooookay?

  5. robertsgirl1

    Oh, your dilemmas do make me feel soo much better!  Quite a nice way for me to look into the future without having to go through the whole “crystal-ball-thing”.  Tell me, does Dylan also frequently ask you if you can see his butt-crack when in public?  My 3yr old daughter thinks this is just about the best thing ever.  And secretly, so do I…

    Keep truckin’!