Multiple Choice

If your ex-wife calls and asks if the kids can stay over because she has be on the road at seven to catch a plane home for a funeral, you say:

A. Sure thing, Buttercup. I know you’d do the same for me.

B. I don’t know, you’re calling at the last minute, but I’ll see what I can do and call you back.

C. Sorry, I’m playing poker tonight six doors down the block from your house and won’t be home until late.


  1. Yack.

  2. *curses his poker hand*

    Send them over here and we’ll watch them for you!

  3. I can see why he’s the Ex

  4. Hey Mindy!
    Karma is a boooooooomerang Babeeeeeeeeee

    Smile and repeat after me I am too blessed to be stressed!

  5. I thank God everyday that I did not have children with my ex-husband.  He was an ass enough over our cats.

  6. Oh. My. God.

  7. And the next time he asks a favor of you, remind him of what a shit he was but since we all know that it really is best for the children to be with their mother you will accomodate him.

    The other day my ex seriously said, “I wish the kids would stop acting like I’m some kind of ass.”  I ever so sweetly answered, “So stop being one.”  I don’t think that was what he was looking for.