Two for the road

We’re off to Calistoga, baby, so you won’t hear from me this weekend! All I know is that by Sunday I will have washed mud out of every crevice and massage oil out of my hair. And paid a bundle for the privilege.

And—lest I leave you all with stars in your eyes and birds twittering round and visions of Phil on a white horse—I give you two quotes from the last thirty-six hours that had us falling off our chairs at dinner last night.

As Phil was leaving the other night, I thanked him for taking care of the kids. “You know, you only fell down in one area: you didn’t bring me a glass of wine at my desk.”

He looked at me at said, “Well, that’s just too fucking damn bad. I didn’t know how much I was going to need. I brought you the fucking damn popcorn.”

And then while we were waiting for dinner at the bar last night, we chatted and listened to the tiny baby crying behind us. I was trying to decide if he was tired or hungry, and had finally decided that he was tired because he wasn’t making that rapid wah-wah-wah hunger cry. Phil muttered, “I don’t even know where the baby is.”

“Oh, I know exactly where that baby is,” I replied, “I have Mommy Ears.”

“I didn’t say I couldn’t pull out a gun and shoot the baby, I said I didn’t know where he was.”

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  1. Amber

    Just randomly came across your blog and thought it was ironic that the first post I read is about you going to Calistoga. I grew up in Calistoga. Class of ‘91, all 36 of us… gotta love small towns. Hope you’re enjoying your time there. Make sure to stop in at Calistoga Inn and have a porter, it’s the best!