Swively Insignia goodness

“If you look in the manual, I’m sure it will show you how to mount it.”

“Oh, I’m gonna get on top of it in a second.”
—Mr. X

I was going to write a nice review about the Insignia portable DVD player, but I don’t know if I can give it a higher compliment than that.

My ole pal Charlie Kondek at Hass MS&L sent me the 10.2-inch model to check out, and I have to say, it is sa-weeet! First of all, the entire casing is this matte-black material that is not slippery (critical if you have children), doesn’t show fingerprints (critical if you have children), is lightweight (critical if you have children), and has a nice big viewing screen more than one person can see at a time (critical if you have children).

Phil picked it up this morning from where it had been charging on my yellow chair (critical if you have children) and slipped in a DVD. I heard noises and asked over my shoulder what it was.

“It’s Monsters, Inc. (critical if you have children). You don’t have to come over here; I’ll just show you.” And he swiveled that screen around to face me. Whoa.

“Oh, you want me to hold it up?” He folded the screen back onto the panel, facing up, and proffered a view. Cooool. With enough duct tape, I could slap that on the back of my car seat and get the kids to shut up once in a while. The screen swivels and flips around just like my digital camera’s viewer. Only it’s TEN INCHES. *nods* That’s right.

Ohhh, wait. He said he just compared it to his PowerBook screen and said that it was just as good. This is a MAC, people. He never says anything is as good as a Mac. Of course, the Insignia only does one thing, but still. You don’t have to buy a PowerBook to watch DVDs. Not anymore.

So! Father’s Day is coming up! Buy one! For each of your children’s fathers! Go crazy! It’s on sale at Best Buy!

Although I don’t see why we couldn’t have run this promotion for MOTHER’S DAY! It’s not like mothers don’t have a need to shut the kids up! Hell, a mom would buy one for EACH of her children and hang it from a stick connected to a helmet so it’s always in front of their darling little faces. And one for the ceiling above each twin bed! I’ll glue one to my monitor right now! I love it so!

Or I would, if Phil would give it back. He’s laughing at Mike and Sully while I work. Or will work when I post this. Still. He shares everything with me, but now he wants to know how much he can get one for.

“Why do you need one? We have one.” He stared.

Oh, I get it.

0 Responses to Swively Insignia goodness

  1. Pamalamadingdong May 28, 2006 at 5:44 am #

    “For each of your children’s fathers!”
    But there are SO many!

  2. mom-of5 May 29, 2006 at 5:58 am #

    can swivel huh!?! ..i am a bit sceptical on too much flexibility for the dvd player…coz my kids will attempt to check out how flexxxxxible the thing is….and by no time at all..the poor thing will break into two… :grrr:

  3. Ben May 29, 2006 at 6:58 am #

    I love Charlie (he bought me a beer once) but am I the only one to NOT get the nifty DVD player?

    We could give it the Samsonite test here at Casa Bear..

  4. Jenn May 30, 2006 at 2:44 pm #

    I am SO kissing up to the wrong people.  I get cleaning supplies to check out.  You get a DVD player.  Would it help if I flashed Charlie?  I totally would.  ;-)

    So, Ben, no you are not the only one.  I haven’t even gotten a beer out of good ol’ Charlie.  In fact, does Charlie know I am alive? 

    MUST START STALKING THIS AMAZING CHARLIE that have so many bloggers in a twitter (and now in entertainment mode in time for VACATIONS!)  Three kids.  One van.  Long drive to Florida. Must look into your duct tape idea….for the kids, not the DVD player.  hehehehe

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