All you need is Blog

See? We’re such a community of helpers. BlogHim? Would have booed the stage or left in droves to make phone calls while the malfunction was repaired. BlogHer? The audience stepped right in with appropriate theme music.


  1. Yeah, except the guys would have been singing “Shout at the Devil” or something equally manly.

  2. I’m so glad you caught this on video! It was such an emotional moment for me.

    So great to meet you—I put up a great pic of you and Mr. X on Flickr.

  3. How fun! Next year, I hope.

  4. Your first instinct was probably correct.  Although, Jay may have a point.  I would have argued for Van Halen over Motley Crue, however.

  5. Easily one of the coolest moments at the conference. Nice that you caught that on video. I’m a guy and I sung along. You know, for the record. :)

  6. I think your first thought about guys was right – at least, if my husband is an indication. While I was charmed by us singing along, he thought it was lame. If I thought his presence at BlogHer would help me get him to understand WHY I blog, I was way off base. He still doesn’t get it. Next year, he stays at home.