Mommy Confidential: all that AND a can of Pringles!

I can’t think of higher praise than to be compared to a can of Pringles. Go ahead: ask your kids. If I asked my three how they felt about a freshly opened can of Pringles, all for them, their eyes would become saucers and drool would appear at the corners of their mouths.

So you can imagine how impressed I was to see Meredith O’Briens review of my book, along with some other very kind words from others!

  • Meridith O’Brien of The Boston Mommy Blog and the Boston Herald had this to say: “Reading the book is like sitting down with a close girlfriend over a cup of coffee (or, in some parts of the book, over a half dozen or so margaritas) and dishing, truly dishing, no-holds-barred (okay some barred) about our lives. From snarkiness to laughter, to melancholy and fear, and back again, Mindy provides a treat here that makes for a compulsive read. To me, reading these entries altogether, one after the other, is like having a new king-sized can of Pringles sitting on the counter next to you. And eating the entire thing.
    Her book is personal. Her book is universal. And it’s real.” (Link)
  • Joelle Reeder of Moxie Design Studios has put up with more than her share of design mayhem from me, and yet she still admits that “Mindy Roberts has been a Moxie client since the start back in 2003 and we couldn’t be more proud and excited to see the launch of her new book, Mommy Confidential: Adventures from the Wonderbelly of Motherhood. Anyone who has read Mindy’s blog, The Mommy Blog, can tell you that Mindy’s writing is fresh, her entries are hilarious and she’s nothing if not honest!
    An excerpt from her official Wonderbelly website (to which Mindy applied her own budding web design talents! woo!):
      Wonderbelly was an unintended pregnancy with a years-long gestation. It began as a blog, grew into a book, acquired some friends, and branched out into freelance writing and web design.
    If you’re a mommy-blogger, if you have kids or even if you can just relate, pick up a copy of Mindy’s book. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.
    Congratulations on your new adventure, Mindy!” (Link)
  • And you’d think that Christine Louise Hohlbaum would have more pressing things to do on the other side of the Atlantic than write me this wonderful note: “Dear Mindy,
    I just spent an entire day with you, and you didn’t even know it! If you’re looking for advance reviews, here’s my take:
    Mommy Confidential: Adventures from the Wonderbelly of Motherhood by Melinda Roberts is a witty, heart-breaking, and real-life chronicle of a young divorced mother of three in Silicon Valley. Her fast-crack wit will give you a benevolent case of whiplash as she moves through her days of chaos, calamity, and cuddling with her kids. Her irreverant and unapologetic take on motherhood is refreshing, making it stand out from other, perhaps more polished diatribes on contemporary parenting. The rough and tumble of raising boys is also evident, yet there is always an undercurrent of unshakeable love for the tykes who call Mindy “Mom”. The reader accompanies the author’s journey over several years: from daughter Daisy’s first steps to her trying to save her brother from ‘certain death’ on the floor. High drama and deep belly laughs are guaranteed from this first-time author. I look forward to reading the sequel!
    Christine Louise Hohlbaum, author of DIARY OF A MOTHER and SAHM I AM: TALES OF A STAY-AT-HOME MOM IN EUROPE, lives near Munich, Germany, with her husband and two children.
  • Melanie Lynne Hauser put her Swiffer (sorry—I can’t stop with that joke) down long enough to have this to say: “…I realized that this was a virtual playgroup of women out there supporting each other, helping each other, crying on virtual shoulders… It was like this wonderful block party. Only it was on the Internet. So I emailed many of these bloggers, asking, shyly, if I could be invited to the party.
    And so many of them responded with a hearty, “Yes, and bring the cocktails.” Those are the women whose links you see to the right of my blog. And one of the first ones to welcome me with open arms was Melinda Roberts, proprietor of The Mommy Blog.
    Melinda — or Mindy, as she’s known — has a loyal, snarky following, which goes with her slightly snarky blog about her life, her kids, her ex, her gourmet-cooking boyfriend. But her blog is also warm and poignant, too, as it started as a way for her to make sense of her son’s life-threatening illness early in life. Thankfully, that son is now a healthy child who drives her somewhat crazy — as all healthy children should do to their mothers. But the blog, thankfully, has blossomed and grown. In fact, I’m happy to say that it’s blossomed and grown into a real live BOOK.
    MOMMY CONFIDENTIAL: Adventures From the Wonderbelly of Motherhood, is now available on Mindy sent me a copy of the book; it’s just as warm, witty and yes, wonderfully snarky, as her blog. I can’t imagine having gone through what she has while still retaining my sense of humor. But she certainly has, and I recommend her book to everyone looking for a laugh, a cry, a warm fuzzy feeling – and an excuse to go gross out your children by smothering them with sloppy hugs and kisses.
    So go read Mindy’s blog, and buy her book. You’ll be glad you did.”
  • Last, but not least, a 40-year-old single playwright, designer, and musician with no kids liked it enough to write: “Every once in awhile, you come across a writer whose words read like you were in the conversation with them. And every once in awhile, you meet someone who has an incredible way of telling a story – someone who makes even the most mundane event sparklingly funny in the telling. Melinda Roberts is a combination of both these types.
    The writing is fast and hilarious and you will laugh out loud. Melinda Roberts is the kind of storyteller who can tell a typical story and suddenly take it in a direction you never expected. Words pop out that are perfect and a surprise. And I always appreciate that.
    And Mommy Confidential is not just for Mommies, either. Anyone who ever even knew a kid (or was one) will appreciate this book.
    This is not your typical “oh-it’s-so-hard-to-raise-kids” book. It’s obvious that Ms. Roberts is a writer who loves to write, loves to laugh and loves her kids.
    I highly recommend Mommy Confidential.
    Sean Sanczel
    Creator of “Pencilman

Well if that doesn’t take the cake I don’t know what does. Well, I DO know: more books on your shelves! That would take all kinds of freaking cake.

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  1. Lisa September 20, 2006 at 7:17 pm #

    Wow! Great reviews. Yours and Phil’s books are on my nightstand. Next in line.

  2. Brony September 20, 2006 at 9:19 pm #

    Great reviews. Congrats.

  3. doobyus September 20, 2006 at 10:01 pm #

    Yeah… she’s OK.


  4. kimmieg September 20, 2006 at 11:29 pm #

    I can’t wait until my copy arrives. :-)  I’m so thrilled for you, Mindy!  I know this was a long process for you, and I hope it pays off for you in a really big way.  If anyone deserves it, you do.

    {{{hugs}}} from a longtime reader (and usually just a lurker) in Texas ~


  5. Joy Hall September 21, 2006 at 10:30 am #

    I know what I’m getting for a few Christmas gifts!

  6. L.A. Mommy September 21, 2006 at 11:25 am #

    Well, hell… Now I’m going to have to read it.

    Congrats on your reviews!

  7. michelle September 22, 2006 at 1:36 pm #

    I am so happy about your BOOK!  I am plugging the book on my blog on Monday and I am going to give you a free blog ad———yea for you!  I must buy!

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