Sheer. Genius.

I don’t know whether it was the snappy, danceable music, the body surfing, or the mahoosive dedication it took to make this video, but it left me grinning like a fool.

The Best Stop Motion Movie So Far
Tony vs. Paul

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0 thoughts on “Sheer. Genius.

  1. al

    WOW!  If nothing else, they get kudo’s for their patience, creativity and attention to detail.  It may have taken them a month to put this together but I can see some interesting marketing concepts coming out of this.  Target (KMart) could adapt this to their unique ads.  Or, these guys could get a life!

  2. Peggy

    Hey . . my maiden name is Robbins . . . and my great-great-great grandfather Robbins is from Mass.  I wonder if there is a connection???