Motherpie hits the motherload

Over at Motherpie, Hattie Page has been busy researching and interviewing and weaving ideas together for her article on The Commercialization of the Female Blogs, Mom Blogging: Issues of Identity, Relations and Play.

Had I been paying closer attention, I’d have noticed it sooner.  It’s fascinating. This article is the fifth in a series of the MotherPie Blog Study, following:
Mom Bloggers: Intensively Engaged in the Blogosphere
Theories of Engaging, Immersing, Linking & Networking…
Blogging Motivations

In studying the content of blogs, several bloggers have begun to enter the commercial arena. One of the earliest and most commercially successful mom blogs is (though not included in this study because of a lack of interactivity on the site with visitors unable to comment) and her blog is part of the Federated Media network that harnesses blogs for marketing/advertising purposes. Also a member of Federated Media network is The Mommy Blog produced by Melinda Roberts who has been blogging since 2003 and is ranked by Technorati 26,112 among all blogs tracked by the service (as of November 22, 2006).  The Silicon Valley mother of three just published a book in October 2006, Mommy Confidential: Adventures from the Wonderbelly of Motherhood. She is moving into the commercial realm by becoming involved in consolidated and cooperative networks that will become leveraged in order to capture the advertising dollars.  Roberts was involved in starting MothersClick, “The MommyBlog Club”  with a prominent link on her site on November 23, 2006. The site requires registration and is ©2006 – MothersClick is a registered trademark of ParentsClick Network, Inc. The site describes itself thus: “MothersClick is about unique social networking, exclusively for moms and those expecting. We’re about group-building, knowledge-sharing and creating meaningful value for your online experience. MothersClick provides the tools for new and existing mothers groups to gather, communicate, and better manage their activities and information-sharing online. There are 1,000 mothers… using the site to connect with others online and face-to-face, said Andra Davidson, MothersClick co-founder and president. “The focus is on building private groups for moms,” she said. “You can search for groups by Zip Code to find one in your area.””

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  1. zeno March 1, 2007 at 11:25 am #

    Who said these things wouldn’t amount to much? Who? Just tell me and i’ll fix ‘em.

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