Did Dorian Gray have an evil twin?

I took the kids to Johnny Rocket’s tonight and alternately hid my face in my hands and stared them down between furtive bites of my own meal. I had an especially hard time watching Dylan, who just lost one front tooth and one bottom front tooth (there is a HUGE gap when he clenches his teeth), yet ordered a chili dog with a rootbeer float, both of which he demolished while twirling his other front tooth. Which is hanging by a thread.


  1. Ahhh barely-hanging teeth are OOGIE!  ::shudder::

    My daughter has told me she’s had a “loose tooth” and upon further inspection, it’s barely hanging by a thread ::more shuddering::

    I’m a mean mom.  She’s been pulling her own teeth for quite a few years LOL

  2. Love and hugs and smiles my sweet friend.
    Love Jeanne ^j^

  3. Yes. He is currently my boss.

    Dylan is a tour de force. Has that tooth gone yet?