Well, it’s official!

BlogHer '07 I'm<br />Going” title=”BlogHer ’07, July 27-29″ /></a></p></div><p>See, the fun thing about being in marketing at a cool startup that helps you make plans with friends, I get to suggest all sorts of immediately useful things. For instance, we’ve been busily tagging places of interest for the BlogHer Conference at Navy Pier in Chicago, July 27-29!</p><p>You can now find all sorts of places in Chicago near Navy Pier, where the confernce will be held, and also near the hotels where people will be staying: restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, big places that can take a large group on short notice, family friendly places, all kinds of stuff. Best of all, we’ve given special attention to the knitting bloggers and listed shops and other places of interest to the knitting crowd. ; ) </p><p><span style=Please have a look – go to Renkoo.com and sign up, (all they ask for is your email address). From there you can find the whole BlogHer Conference venue list by going to the tag search page and entering the tag “BlogHer2007.” From there it’s easy to make plans and invite others. Or, you could go directly to the BlogHer tag page and check out the maps and other information while you figure out where and when to meet all those great people you read but have never actually seen.

Can’t wait to see you there, and to get back to my hometown…

0 Responses to Well, it’s official!

  1. Pamela Parker July 13, 2007 at 1:00 pm #

    Hi, Melinda! Great to hear you will be there. I will be, too. Will be in touch to see about getting together at some point!

  2. Katie July 13, 2007 at 1:21 pm #

    *sigh*  While I love knitting, blogging, and Chicago, I won’t be there.  But I’m glad to hear you are going!  Have fun!

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