Co-parenting at its best

Me: any chance you’re feeling jaunty enough to bring Dylan his DS and charger? Daphne doesn’t have mittens or a hat for Snow Day either.

And Logan deer-in-the-headlights Roberts doesn’t have a snack, although I put one out and asked him repeatedly whether he picked it up and put it in his bag. He said no but never looked in his bag. I searched the house thinking it’s in the flipping bag. It wasn’t.

When I asked why it was so hard to get a yes or no answer out of him, he said he was afraid I’d get mad. I said, “Look, I never get so mad that anybody dies.”


Him: Go ahead, kill em. we’ve got nieces and nephews.

Ah, snow day. gloves and hats are such an easy thing to provide when you live in an area WHERE THERE’S ACTUALLY SNOW! I don’t think I have anything that fits anymore even if I could get it to her on time.

By the way, I just found a quote from Daphne and was going to put it on Pear Soup. Daphne and I were talking about how much we love each other and she said: “I love you more than 1000 centuries, more than anybody or anything like a bunny or something bigger than the whole world including China.”

Me: She keeps picking on China, like they’re the big, lumbering galoot that’s weighing the place down.

(BTW, this exchange occurred minutes after I posted this on Excellent.)

EX ETIQUETTE: Co-parenting requires communication


  1. Mindy, your kids are just hilarious. The things they say… gosh, it’s easy to be funny when you’re merely documenting reality. Had to link to this quote today. xo V

  2. Laughing my socks off! Kids say the strangest, yet honest things.