And I thought I was close to getting over it

I don’t think I’ve ever had to put so much time and effort into getting over something–or someone–as my former career. Isn’t that weird?

Just now, a former colleague, who was my best friend and lunch buddy for all those years, wrote to say he’d come back from a foundation conference on the east coast, at which someone was giving a presentation I prepared for my current organization. I was a little nervous about having one person write it and another present it, and was jittery about having my name on something that was put together by committee and was a little longer and denser than I would have preferred.

Him: it was nice in Baltimore
Me: hey – how did it go?
Him: weird being so close to DC but not being cool like DC
Me: but you were with all the cool kids
Him: needed you to be there to have all the cool kids
Me: ok, are you trying not to have to tell me that the presentation was long and dull?
Him: i have to run to lunch, but I wanted to tell you many people in the room were talking about you by first name with no reference
Me: really?
Him: they all know you and think you’re smart
Me: people still remember me?
Him: I’m like, i really know her, yeah!
Me: surprised Big Brother hasn’t had all memories of me erased
Me: Double-plus ungood