q&a : april 2004 : the questions

Memes are so 2004, but I found one I’d been looking for but unable to find because all the links are broken and it’s on the wrong server. One or the other problem would be enough, but hey, why just have one problem, you know? It’s all about the comfort zone, baby.

This is a meme I did for Q&A: The Photographic Review in 2004, and looking back, I’m pleased to report that absolutely nothing has changed.

one. who am i?: a mother
two. who knows me best? mom
three. how old am i? (or how old do i feel?) old enough to risk my life for someone, but not old enough to take it seriously
four. the most important thing in my life is spending time with family
five. i always carry keys, wallet, cell phone, lipstick
six. something i always do check e-mail
seven. i’m at my happiest when i get the feeling we’ve done the important things well
eight. on a monday morning, you can find me staring at my closet
nine. my favourite mode of transport: my trusty Volvo
ten. my eyes are: green
eleven. my favourite material posession: my heart choker
twelve. to relax, i like to read a little
thirteen. the town i live in is neighborly
fourteen. my worst habit: retail therapy
fifteen. my guilty pleasure: McD’s
sixteen. when i look at someone, the first thing i see is their eyes
seventeen. i think friendship is beautiful
eighteen. one thing i can live without: unfinished business
nineteen. one thing people don’t know about me: i’m a rebel
twenty. my life is controlled chaos

0 Responses to q&a : april 2004 : the questions

  1. lani August 1, 2008 at 6:20 am #

    Does it make me lame if I’ve been around enough to remember this post?  Thanks for reposting.  ;)

  2. Gail August 2, 2008 at 8:39 am #

    Haha, I remember it too.

    Hopefully, that “unfinished business” has changed.  I’d hate to think you still have that pile by the side of the road.

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