I support politics, but, people, there is a limit

I just logged on to Facebook and caught a glimpse of one of those ads in the sidebar that are cleverly tailored to you based on your account information. Mine usually say something like “39 Year Old Female? Work at Home!” One actually said 40. Look, that will be true soon enough, Bunky, so let’s not go jumping the gun.

Just before the sidebar switched to an ad aimed at aging moms, there was one for Obama. Why? I have no idea, just as I have no idea why it was so swiftly swapped out. But I was listening to Radio Free Mitch by Mitch McDad talking about his daughter sticking her hands in a restaurant urinal because it was SO ICKY, so perhaps Obama was served up to Mitch’s demographic at first. I don’t know. I’m an aging mom.

Anywho, it said, “One Million Obama Buttons Free! Even the Shipping’s Included!” Which is actually kind of funny, because I’d love to see how they’d collect the forty-one cents for a stamp, and how much it would piss people off to get to PaypPal and forget to put the decimal before the 4. Obama might wind up with a bunch of donations for 41 dollars instead, which is a tidy profit for a campaign button. Come to think of it, my respect for his campaign managers just went up a notch. That’s brilliant! Anyone want to buy a button from The Mommy Blog?

It reminds me of a story about David Packard, for whom I had the pleasure of working while at The Packard Foundation. He was a great citizen and patriot, and gave generously when he saw a cause to support. In one case, he received a thank you note from a politician for a donation along with—you guessed it—a campaign button.

As the story goes, he fired off a letter to the politician, warning him that if he sent him one more stupid campaign button, he’d never get another cent of support. It was a terrible waste of the money donated and he wanted to see it put to better use. I loved that about him. He was a firecracker toward the end; I can’t even imagine tangling with him as a younger man.

So that got me thinking about Obama’s million campaign buttons. And what even that kind of bulk order might have cost. Plus the shipping. Not to mention the advertising to get people to call or write in and request a button, and the cost of the postage/phone call to do even that. And I started to get irritated.

People, I have barely enough to feed my family, let alone the time, inclination, or fervor to write to Obama asking for a free campaign button so I can advertise my wise political choices. I can make my own button, for free, right here on my computer. I’ll Photoshop that puppy and put it on my wallpaper.

I don’t need to wear it on my shirt in public so people can admire my canny self.

Now that’s a 39 year old woman working at home!

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  1. Mitch McDad August 3, 2008 at 1:31 pm #

    Damn. And I was going to send you a “Mitch for President” button.

    My friend is a campaign manger for a local congressman. I won’t even put a sign on my yard. I hate election season and its avalanche of generic, unsubstantiated promises…..“I’m Johnny Dickhead and I’m going to work tirelessly to lesson our dependence on foreign oil. Vote for me for Springfield city council.”

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