“Mom, where did you put all the stuff piled in our room when you packed? I need to find something. It’s small and red.”


  1. Of. course.

    Them them it’s in the ThingamaPod, under the do-hicky and next to the whatsit.

    How did the Open House go?

  2. Something small and red missing? If this were in my house the answer would be either my 1YO ate it OR my 2YO stuck it up her nose. Don’t worry, I’m working on teaching them all the things their NOT Supposed to do, like putting diaper ointment on Barbie’s face or Hello Kitty’s bottom, or jumping off the furniture to see where they land. To see my full list of NO’s, visit today’s post: http://www.melodramommy.com

  3. Love you

  4. I just moved last weekend, and all I hear lately is, “Mom, do you know where my pants are?”


  5. Mine are always saying, “I don’t have any shoes.”

    “What were you wearing when you came here from Daddy’s?”

    “I was barefoot.”

  6. Oh, how many times I have heard this before.