QOTD – Inner Pants

The kids and I were talking about exercise and how I need to make sure we all get out and burn off energy because they are driving me nuts at home they need to move their bodies.

Me: “I need to move mine too, if I want to wear a bikini this summer. I mean, I don’t really exercise. At all.”

Logan: “Sure you do!”

Daphne: “We’re your exercise!”

Dylan: “Yeah, remember? Kids are your workout!”

Daphne: “Be the pants!”

Dylan: “YEAH!”


I must have three pair of Kids Are My Workout Yoga Style Pants from Planet Mom Tshirts. I love Eileen and Elise.


  1. I love this!! how true…kids keep us running, jumping, bending, reaching etc!!
    I have always maintained that depsite the fact that I exercise regularly my kids keep my functional in shape year round!! Hey as they age they get much heavier to lug around!! lol

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