If this writing thing doesn’t work out I can always be a Hair Stylist/Psychologist

Convincing my son to trim his mane was soooo much harder than cutting it! It had been at least four months, maybe more, and when his teacher started asking him every day whether he’d combed it…

I said he’d feel better, like our dog did when we got her a summer haircut. Just get all the undercoat out.

Whew. Thank God I did a good job; now it should only be 75% as difficult to persuade him next time. It’s still past his jawline, it touches his shoulders in the back, and he can still tuck it behind his ears. We have very similar standards.


  1. AWESOME!! I love that he is a free spirit who does not care if his hair is combed or not..more kids should have that kind of creativity!! Acutally nix that..adults should let them be creative.

    His new “do” is outstanding!!

  2. That’s a pretty cool job that you have done. i certainly wouldn’t mind getting my girl to you! :-)…but alas, the location definitely is a constraint….

  3. Looks fantastic!

    (Was just thinking of you, since it’s July 4th ~ hope that the injury curse stays away this holiday weekend!)

  4. “AWESOME!! I love that he is a free spirit who does not care if his hair is combed or not.” 

    What a completely dumbass thing to say.  And that’s not a free-spirit…that’s a mixed-up kid.

  5. Leanne, that picture was taken on Crazy Hair Day for school. I was the one who teased and back-combed it to stand out like that. He is always well-groomed while under my roof.

    He’s actually a wonderful child, well-behaved, and in the gifted and talented program. But thanks for the drive-by analysis.

  6. My 12-year-old is the opposite extreme—he wanted to get his hair buzzed for the summer, with the exception of his bangs. 
    My thoughts—it is summer, they can do what they want to do for two months out of the year! 

    My daughter’s little rebellion?  she wants NO PONYTAILS and just let it HANG.  in her FACE.  I am biting my tongue about that one. 

    you did a good job on the cut Mindy!

  7. Great do!  Glad the crazy hair day was just a one time occurrence, that boy could have dreadlocks if he kept it like that for any longer!

  8. Wow this is seems to be fantastic..The same thing happening in my home.My son not interest to cut his hair…

  9. wow.. it’s good to know that i’m not the only mom with kids who don’t like haircuts! our almost 4-yr old hates them! :) good job mommy mindy! i’d love too be linked to your site! trulyrichmom.com :)

  10. I had the same problem! I thought it’s going to get easier but it didn’t! It’s a good thing that he grew out of it. He started noticing girls and that was the time he got a haircut! Maybe it will happen to your son as well. :)

  11. I must say that you have done a great job and I do appreciate for this hair cut.Some kids don’t like or they don’t let you do hair cut.Some times it is so hard to convince them.

  12. It is really good to see all four photographs of hair cut before and after.It is a good job and I like it.I can understand that there is quite hard job to convince children for hair cut as even I have also experienced it.