Mommy Bloggers Interviewed on BYUTV!

On this week’s episode of Fresh Take, we’re excited to introduce you to some of our favorite bloggers. We’ll get to see and hear from them in “real life” from our studio!…These moms know what they’re talking about! We’ll introduce you to Mindy Roberts, Daphne Brogdon, and Kadi Prescott. Two of our guests, Jennie Westenhaver and Kacy Faulconer, have been cyber buddies for a while now and they will meet each other for the first time in person with us in the studio!

Here’s the teaser on YouTube.

Update: I found the entire episode!

It’s long, just over 50 minutes, I come in at about 8:04 (eight minutes and four seconds) and then again at 40:55, when all of us come back to talk together.

BONUS: The last word of the interview is me blurting out “panty liner.” AWESOME.



  1. atomic momma says:

    I’m done reading. Not just this mom blog but all of them.

    You guys are no fun anymore. I understand the need to earn a living and capitalize on success but it seems all of you are just in it for the money now. The shameless promotion and product placement these days has taken a feel of sincerity out of what I’m reading. The ads on the pages make all of these blos look like garbage. Everything is sponsored by some corporate interest but thinly veiled as a random event or discussion. As a loyal reader of this blog and others I am feeling sold out by you guys.

    I miss the simpler times. I just feel like it’s all become about money for mom blogs.

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