7-Day Boot Camp (insert laugh track)

I’ve decided to accept a challenge. Josh Zitomer of Physicalfix.com sent a friendly note after he read the juicer post. Josh runs an online physical training service that tailors workouts to you according to how much time you have to work out, what equipment you have, and your current level of fitness.

He made me laugh, which is pretty much the only kind of PR pitch I’ll actually read unless it also offers actual payment for whatever work they want me to do. (yardstick: mentions, tweets, reviews, and ESPECIALLY giveaways are work. See Client vs. Graphic Designer. Yes, I do web sites, if you’re interested.)

So, I saw him one friendly note and raised him one week to get a 43-year-old mom of three to look smashing at her little brother’s wedding. He accepted, which is going to make for some awesomely frantic blog posts. I’m doing this in public, which is pretty much the only way to get me to man up, appearance-wise.

Follow along as I fill out the profile:

  • Age: 43
  • Height: 5’9″ (rounded up)
  • Sex: yes, does that count as workout? I have that equipment.
  • Weight: three numbers
  • Target: three numbers minus twenty. (not in seven days, but before my AARP card arrives)
  • Equipment: a flight of stairs (w/a landing and turn!), a manual elliptical still wound up in moving tape, children that weigh 65 and 95 lbs, a desk chair, and cans of baby clams and Diet Coke (not mixed).
  • How difficult would you like your workouts? Hard. (Didn’t seem fair to check “easy.”)
  • Pick the type of workouts you’d like to receive: All Levels-No Equipment (love that this was the only option given the algorithm.)
  • omg: I would have eleven more choices of workouts if I had any actual equipment.

Okay! My workouts have been delivered! I’ll get right on it after the ninety-minute round trip school run. I’ll also be using the food log, the first I’ll ever be truthful in filling out.

Stay tuned!

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