Boot Camp, Day 2

Lost 2 lbs!

Day 1 went pretty well—actually, really well once I realized I only had to do one workout a day, not all three. It’s just that three are on offer for this week, so I can change it up.

Guy sniggered at me this morning when I sat up in bed and yelped, and then when I sat down in the bathroom and felt my quads go OWOWOWOWOW, he busted out laughing. Problem is, I can’t really throw anything at him because he’s accomplished more, fitness-wise, that I will in my whole life. Seriously, who LIKES to swim six miles a day? Four hours of head-down-switch-head-up-breathe? Jeebus. He was once all-state for the butterfly. Of course now he won’t run unless chased, and won’t work out unless it involves waxing his car. He’s still got that low resting heart rate, the same rate that kept me in recovery for shock after Daphne’s birth. Core temp of 94 degrees and low blood pressure… come to think of it, that sounds a lot like swimming at o-dark-thirty. I choose life.

I kept my promise and logged everything I ate, even the second glass of wine after my son remembered he still had MORE homework at 8:30. I consider that hardship pay. Still, I was surprised at how easy it was to stay within my marks… Here’s yesterday’s log for example:

And then I also got credit for the workout—it’s pretty specific, too:

I’m going to let that smoothie digest for a while so I’d better hop back in bed and curl up with my Dane Maddox mystery. I have all day to face the workout video again, am I right?


  1. haaaahaaaa You my dear made my day! Keep up the hard work.. :) Josh’s programs are awesome! Power to the mamas!!

  2. Yowza! Keep going!

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