Boot Camp, Day 5

I’m sick as a dog, and waited until Guy was in bed, but I dropped in my pjs and frickin’ DID IT. Plus 10 on the elliptical. I don’t get it. Why was this so easy tonight, sick and all? I whipped through them. Unbelievable.

Too whipped to type much more than my feedback, and, technically, that’s pasted:

I did it! Taking a long time to type but I did EVERYTHING except the mountain climbers. Bare feet + carpet = thumbs instead. I DID 25 PUSHUPS! That was the first set, I did ten the second, then five on my knees and the rest on my face. Guy as my witness.

By the way, Josh, what’s up with the completely exhaustive yet seemingly sparse list of exercises on the activity log? Milking cows? At different speeds? Unicycling? Ski machine but no elliptical? Archery and auto repair but not sex? Not even married sex? First-three-month-sex? Kids-are-gone-for-the-weekend sex? Come on, man! Get on that pick list. I’ll even help. With the pick list, that is. The rest is your wife’s job.

Just sayin’.

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