Boot Camp… Still Day 2. Crap!

I posted already today, didn’t I? Well, shit, since I opened the tab already, you’re getting another one (Hey, that’s not a bad pickup line. Yes it is. Don’t try it. Have some respect.)

Feedback form popped up again after today’s workout. I gotta be totally honest with you here: I didn’t follow EXACTLY along for EVERY exercise. Whenever I wanted to throw my chair at the screen (but didn’t because it’s an Aeron and together with the screen they’re worth more than I sold my last car for) I did something else. When Josh dropped for pushups, I dropped. And did something else. Once, I tightened the underside of my chair. And I ran downstairs with last night’s wine glasses and put them in the sink, and RAN BACK UP. Also? When I see those jump squats, I do Thumbs. I’ll do Thumbs all day long, along with crunches, toe touches, and side to sides. All. Day. Long. But I can’t hang in there for all them jump squats. Four pregnancies have made those… avoidable. So to speak.

Left a daily comment:

Did you experience any pain during this workout?  YES

Where did you feel pain?  EVERYWHERE

Just the second day grumpies. OMG. Pushups kill me and I have to do this when my smartass son isn’t here telling me how many HE has to do in conditioning. Or my mom, either, for that matter. Yes, she can do more. By the way, I fall over each time you say “this is for the core… think about something else… whatever you do, don’t think about the core.”

Too tired to screen capture today’s log, so I’ll just say it: One fruit and yogurt smoothie and two Fresh Express Strawberry Fields Kits. That shit’s addictive.

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  1. Katie October 26, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

    Yeah, I feel you girl. I’m starting to work out these days too and it takes dedication!!!! If you find someone to join you, might be more inspiring….even if it’s just nature. *~~~~<3 kt> Project
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  2. cathy October 28, 2011 at 8:50 am #

    OMG – Hilarious – loved reading this!


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