While the power's off, heh, if you don't hear from me again…

Well, the power is off. I am alone. Guy’s in the UK, the kids are with their dad, and I’m here with the howling wind right out of Pumpkinhead.

I nearly set several fires when I lit the grill to light a rolled-up advert to light a tea candle to light another tea candle inside, out of the wind, and then again when I used a cork-in-a-wine-bottle candle to light my way to the garage where I knew there was fuel. I found the kerosene, filled one of Guy’s grandfather’s antique hurricane lamps (sorry honey), and tried to light the wick inside without blowing it up. Instead, the paper I used burst into flame and landed on the foam ABC mats on the floor in front of the workbench and set fire to the three drops of kerosene that escaped the hurricane lamp opening. Pretty red bowls of fire. Aaaaaah!

I stomped them out, just like I stomped out the leaves that caught fire when the paper I used to light the tea candles burned down to my fingers and I dropped it while dancing the holy-crap-my-fingers-are-burning jig. Luckily the wet leaves I piled on top of THOSE leaves didn’t catch, and the embers gradually faded while I enjoyed the nostalgic leaf-burning smell of someone else’s childhood because I grew up in the damn city where you could go to jail for lighting things on fire.

Anyway, here are my last few photos while my phone has juice and the candles last. I’m saving the one flashlight’s batteries for when I need to go out to the car to drive around and recharge my iPad, phone, and laptop. Because it won’t charge anything sitting in the driveway, half powered, it has to have the engine running. And I hate sitting there with the engine running and not driving.

Hey, if anyone is thinking I’m hard to shop for, I’d love some more candles and a few hurricane lamps from this century, maybe from Restoration Hardware where I understand they also have survival gear though I’m sure all that stuff is meant as gag gifts. But they sound pretty smart to me right about now.



So please call of you don’t see me Thursday, or Friday when I’m supposed to get the kids from school. I don’t know how long my decorative candles that only come out for an hour or so once the kids are in bed will last.






Got my keys, purse and coat ready in case I have to leave or charge something (like this phone I’m posting from).


Grabbing a coke real quick before retiring upstairs.


Crap! Left the lights on downstairs. Now I know where that frantic “turn off the lights, we’re not made of sheckels!” thing came from because all I can think of is what a waste of candles it would have been if I’d gone to bed before extinguishing them.


I’m leaving the hall light on, though.


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