Yeah, whatever

You’d think I’d enjoy a morning of hot coffee and fruit smoothies and not telling the kids they’ll freeze in shorts when it’s 36 degrees out and yelling WE’RE LATE and hearing that someone can’t find their ID and refereeing fights over who chews with their mouth open or whose wrapper that is on the floor or listening to three kids call SHOTGUN at the same time and sitting in traffic and racing those last five blocks to get them to school on time so I could drive 15 miles back over the mountain again until it’s time to go back for the pick-up and no one here to tell me my day is not best spent reading under a blanket, even though it’s totally research and helping me shape my book.

You’d be wrong.

It’s too quiet here. And someone left the Halloween candy out. I’d totally be in there with it strapped to my face like a feedbag, except that I got to record a new record low weight on and took photos of the milestone. Plus? Looking back at the “before” photos? What was I waiting for? I haven’t exercised regularly since 1997, when I found myself pregnant for the first time. All these years I thought childbearing and being over forty was responsible for my rounder figure…Now I feel stupid for thinking that lipo would be the only way to have a waist. When I’m done (or at my goal) I’ll post all the photos. You have no idea how long it took to decide whether to write that last sentence.

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