Photos! Finally!

Day two of our honeymoon: Signed my new name for the first time, spent 2.5 hours with a vacation salesman (did not buy but made a friend—his daughter is spending a year at a high school near us so of course we were all creepy and said have her call us! if she needs anything it’s good to know a local!), burned my chest, got the spins from too many margaritas (the ones in the sales room were especially strong), booked massages, and are about to schedule our special private honeymoon dinner on the beach, yes, a private table out on the beach. Where no one has to listed to us being childish and inappropriate.

Have a few photos to share, from the wedding getaway and the first day here, then I have some work to do of all things. But mama’s gotta have new shoes, so suck it up, am I right?

puerto vallarta honeymoom







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  1. Caryl@wicklesscandleparty March 14, 2012 at 12:36 pm #

    Love your sense of humor! Where are you honeymooning? Couldn’t find it in the article.

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