The Best Help You Can Give Other Parents

My latest Word of Mom article is up on What to Expect (of baby book fame)! So pleased to still have a chance to contribute even as my kids grown steadily our of childhood range!

The Best Help You Can Give Other Parents

What to ExpectAs I walked through the third airport in six days, I noticed something about the children I saw. More accurately, I noticed something about the way I noticed the children.

The baby on the plane that was so tired she couldn’t make sense of where she was or what she wanted. The two toddlers, maybe one year apart, who zigzagged across the moving sidewalk between terminals. The preschooler trying to drag his baby sister and her stroller onto the baggage scale because he saw everything else go on it.

What I noticed was that I was on high alert, with Mom Ears on and Mom Voice engaged and Mom Smile at the ready. I was watching them to see that they didn’t go too far or do anything iffy when their parents were reading arrival and departure screens, or digging in bags for a toy, or showing ID to the gate attendant. A little girl made a break for the seating area just as her parents cleared the gate and started down the jet way; I sidled into her path and smiled sweetly at her until she turned and found her mother’s hand. An older infant started to squirm in her mama’s arms, made the little moue that presaged a tantrum, so I played peek-a-boo with her until she smiled, and then realized she didn’t know me and snuggled back down into her mama’s warm shoulder.

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Voted “Least Likely to Ever Appear on MSN Home Money” in High School

This oughta show them! I’m so pleased to be part of such a powerful and insightful community as I’m syndicated there, and haven’t explored half the offerings. They’re ginormous.


My boss is a clever guy. His (other) company just launched a new service called Sprout, which allows you to build “living content.” I think that means you can build and publish just about anything you can imagine: slideshows, a promo for all your projects (cough), podcasts, movies. There’s no limit, really.

What does it mean for the Web? It means that the bar for flash development has just been lowered to—yes—my level.

That’s pretty amazing. And get this: it’s so easy, I created this Sprout in about twenty minutes. Give or take thirty.

Why We Divorce – National Poll Result

North Palm Beach, Florida. January 9, 2008: commissioned a GFK Roper poll on divorce to learn more about the causes for divorce.

Women divorce over abuse, men divorce over sex:

The number one reason people gave for divorce is abuse. More than one in three (36%) divorced Americans cited either verbal or physical abuse as the main cause of divorce.  Money, at 22%, is a distant second. Other reasons for divorce include someone new entered their life (18%), sex (16%), disagreements about how to raise their children (13%), or boredom (12%) as contributing factors.  Only 6% divorced over whether to have children, and just 4% cite religion as a factor.

Gender plays a role in the reasons for divorce:

Women are more than twice as likely as men (48% vs. 21%) to divorce because of verbal or physical abuse.  Men, in turn, are more than twice as likely as women (22% vs. 11%) to cite sex as the cause for their failed marriage.

Not divorcing- but thinking about it:

One third, 33%, of married Americans have at some point in their marriage considered the idea of divorce.  Two in ten, (19%), cited issues surrounding children, while 18% cite fears about cheating as the primary reasons for thinking about divorce.

Women are significantly more likely than men (39% vs. 27%) to have at least thought about divorce at some point in their marriage.  Children are most likely to be the issue, particularly for women.  Most notably, women are more than twice as likely as men to think about divorce after their children were born (19% vs. 7%).

“Divorce has become an unfortunate reality”, notes’s CEO, Cotter Cunningham.  “It is difficult, painful and complex. We don’t advocate divorce. We do want to help people struggling with it. From making the decision to leave to going to court for custody or alimony, divorce is an emotional, financial and legal rollercoaster. It doesn’t just impact the two people involved. It impacts their children, friends and other family members. The decisions made before, during and after a divorce can touch many lives. Divorce360 strives to offer the essential information needed to help people make educated choices about those important decisions.”

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Crack: the new MomBlogNetwork

With Phil in NY and my ex going to CO, I’ll be totally on my lonesome (unless you count the kids, but according to Century Theaters one doesn’t count) until New Year’s Eve.

This means time on my new laptop (pleeaase, gods of laptops, stop breaking my shit), on my new couch (pleeaase, kids, stop wrecking my furnitu—oh, forget it), reading blogs and posts on Mom Blog Network and other places. I don’t think I’ve read blogs in ages. I write one, sure, but who can keep up? There’s only so much time I can sit in that chair, staring at that screen.

Come on over. Find amusing tidbits, post ‘em. That easy. This is getting to be an addiction. :)