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My boss is a clever guy. His (other) company just launched a new service called Sprout, which allows you to build “living content.” I think that means you can build and publish just about anything you can imagine: slideshows, a promo for all your projects (cough), podcasts, movies. There’s no limit, really. What does it […]

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Why We Divorce – National Poll Result

North Palm Beach, Florida. January 9, 2008: commissioned a GFK Roper poll on divorce to learn more about the causes for divorce. Women divorce over abuse, men divorce over sex: The number one reason people gave for divorce is abuse. More than one in three (36%) divorced Americans cited either verbal or physical abuse […]

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Crack: the new MomBlogNetwork

With Phil in NY and my ex going to CO, I’ll be totally on my lonesome (unless you count the kids, but according to Century Theaters one doesn’t count) until New Year’s Eve. This means time on my new laptop (pleeaase, gods of laptops, stop breaking my shit), on my new couch (pleeaase, kids, stop […]

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