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Oooh, oooh I just love it when topics dovetail! Joelle is installing a recent searches script for me even as we I speak type, and the QOTD is perfectly apropos. This is why I just had to see how folks are finding my wholesome little bloggipoo: “Periodically I go through the access logs so I […]

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Mommy Scrum: Kids 300, Mommy 5

The children appear to have sharpened their skills. They have learned to cooperate, and they are effective. The second I announced that I was getting out of bed to turn on the shower, they leaped into action. Logan: “She’s getting in the shower! Quick, get on her!” [in my head, I heard, “GO! GO! GO!”] […]

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Turns out my kitchen floor can be too clean

Like any veteran mommy, I am chock-a-block with ideas for keeping children occupied and engaged (read: out of my hair for three seconds at a stretch). Some of my favorites include: Clean-up! Hand over a spray bottle filled with water and a dishtowel, and point child toward fridge, patio, sidewalk, whatever. Give permission to come […]

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Ooooh.. testing, testing. Ever wish you had spellcheck when posting entries? I can’t be bothered to use Word to edit entries before posting, so I just make you wade through my posts, errors and all, but that may all change for the better. I learned about Zempt though the comments at Joelle’s blog, and decided […]

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