The Yahoo! Shine Get It Guide

Check out the new Yahoo! Shine Get It Guide – just released!

See the most searched-for jeans (I have to do this now that my fat jeans are sliding off my hips) and especially for you tall gals, THEY HAVE TALL RECOMMENDATIONS. Nothing ever fits me lengthwise, so I’ll drooling over there today.

Jeans Fun Facts

  • Denim used to be made with wool and silk
  • The purpose of jeans was for workers who desired sturdier fabric
  • May 20th is the official birthday of the blue jeans because Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patented the idea on that day
  • The average American owns 7 pairs of jeans
  • Prior to 1960, jeans were known as ‘overalls’
  • In the 1950s, jeans became a symbol of rebellion after James Dean starred in the movie Rebel Without a Cause wearing jeans

The Evolution of Jeans

  • 1930s: Cowboys wearing jeans
  • 1950s:James Dean/youth rebellions
  • 1960s: Jeans become socially acceptable
  • 1970s: Flare jeans were popular among hippies/disco events
  • 1970s/1980s: New washes and styles became popular
  • 1980s: Designers began creating sexy ads
  • 1990s: Jeans became less popular, however hip-hop introduced the baggy jean look


Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Codes!

I am positively inundated with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and holiday idea books, so I’m going to try to put them all in one post.

Deep breath, here we go!

Listing of sites and codes: 25% off sitewide 11/22-11/28 Code: CYBERSALE 25% off sitewide 11/22-11/28 Code: CYBERZEN 25% off sitewide 11/22-11/28 Code: GIVETHANKS 25% off sitewide 11/22-11/28 Code: CYBER25 25% off sitewide 11/22-11/28 Code: SPARKLE11 $50 off $150 Code: CYBERSOLES

I especially like Tracy Tee’s shopping guide for fun and whimsical gifts, perfect stocking stuffers, too.

OH! On, there is a cold-weather sale, today only. I looooove Bluefly.

Last but FAR from least, check out and its new app. You will love it. Want something but it’s not on sale yet? Scan the barcode with your smartphone and Savvy will email you when it hits a price you’ve chosen. Something go on sale after you buy it? Scan your receipts and Savvy will email you if the price is reduced within the company’s policy period, and you can go back for a rebate. There is NO reason not to use this app! It’s still in Beta, but I’ve already had two alerts on things I wanted IF they went on sale. To date, they’ve returned something like $4 million to shoppers. Might need to do a post on this one alone. Founders are genuine, wonderful, smart people. : )