Oh how the world keeps shrinking

We are pulling this wedding together at an astonishing rate: in the last two or three weeks, we’ve found dresses, suits, ties, hair/makeup stylist,  shoes, a venue, someone to decorate, food, a photographer, and an attorney.

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Also? An event planner referred us to a photographer who was especially wonderful with children, and when I replied that her calendar showed her as unavailable, the planner CALLED HER and asked her to shuffle her schedule so we could hire her. She just had a feeling we’d get along.

Ohhhh, I’d say that’s an understatement, based on the emails flying back and forth, and the banter between Guy and her through me. They’re killing me. Imagine my relief upon realizing that I wouldn’t have to worry about dropping the f-bomb on the day. It’s more likely to be a drunken-sailor swearfest, if I’m any judge of fun. Won’t my parents be proud?

The photographer is a single mom, and none other than the fabulous Pascale Wowak, who gets the most amazing shots out of small people whose response to direction is indifferent at best. It doesn’t stop there! We have another friend in common, Michelle Riddle, who helped find our first home here in Scotts Valley when she knew a friend was about to up and moved to New Zealand. I heart Michelle.

pascale wowak photography

But wait! There’s more! She is also dear friends with the lovely Rebecca Woolf of Girl’s Gone Child! Fellow author and momversation.com panelist, and mom of four and all-around stunningly beautiful and successful blogger and writer. She just had twins, and hasn’t slowed down. She takes beautiful photographs of food she made, and of her children, which she also made. And she does it with grace and style. I would be in a clock tower with a .30-.30 and a bottle of Jack.

To put sprinkles on the whole Six Degree Lovefest, we finally heard from the minister we were hoping to have, and in her response she offered a discount for middle school parents. WTF? As it happens, her daughter has been in class with my son since first grade, and they are in eight grade leadership together. Plus? She works at the middle school and recognized my name. Man, I was trying furiously to remember if I’d had a tantrum in the office or done something else unsurprising for me, and I don’t think I have. Score one for public maturity.

Wait. Um. The minister…am I going to embarrass my kids at school? What are the odds that *I* would have to worry about bad behavior getting back to MY KIDS through one of the teachers?

Oh, I can hear you snickering. Shut up. But go look at her site. She’s made of awesomesauce.

Yeah, whatever

You’d think I’d enjoy a morning of hot coffee and fruit smoothies and not telling the kids they’ll freeze in shorts when it’s 36 degrees out and yelling WE’RE LATE and hearing that someone can’t find their ID and refereeing fights over who chews with their mouth open or whose wrapper that is on the floor or listening to three kids call SHOTGUN at the same time and sitting in traffic and racing those last five blocks to get them to school on time so I could drive 15 miles back over the mountain again until it’s time to go back for the pick-up and no one here to tell me my day is not best spent reading under a blanket, even though it’s totally research and helping me shape my book.

You’d be wrong.

It’s too quiet here. And someone left the Halloween candy out. I’d totally be in there with it strapped to my face like a feedbag, except that I got to record a new record low weight on physicalfix.com and took photos of the milestone. Plus? Looking back at the “before” photos? What was I waiting for? I haven’t exercised regularly since 1997, when I found myself pregnant for the first time. All these years I thought childbearing and being over forty was responsible for my rounder figure…Now I feel stupid for thinking that lipo would be the only way to have a waist. When I’m done (or at my goal) I’ll post all the photos. You have no idea how long it took to decide whether to write that last sentence.

Boot Camp: Can you get extra credit when no one's watching?

I’m asking because my physicalfix workout froze when Crome crashed four minutes in. FOUR MINUTES. That is a lot in Zitomania. I told him afterward a) because I can’t let that slide, and also b) I didn’t feel so bad giving him the ole salute during Mountain Climbers and Speed Jax because I did extra Thumbs and abs. That’s right, I started all over again!

Picture this going at a blur:

Yeah. I don’t think so.

Boot Camp, Day 6

Dear Josh,

I did it, I know you’re checking!

Oh, could you please explain to Guy why I haven’t been able to bend to shave my legs this week? They look good, I’ll give you that, but they are stubbly.


Boot Camp, Day 2

Lost 2 lbs!

Day 1 went pretty well—actually, really well once I realized I only had to do one workout a day, not all three. It’s just that three are on offer for this week, so I can change it up.

Guy sniggered at me this morning when I sat up in bed and yelped, and then when I sat down in the bathroom and felt my quads go OWOWOWOWOW, he busted out laughing. Problem is, I can’t really throw anything at him because he’s accomplished more, fitness-wise, that I will in my whole life. Seriously, who LIKES to swim six miles a day? Four hours of head-down-switch-head-up-breathe? Jeebus. He was once all-state for the butterfly. Of course now he won’t run unless chased, and won’t work out unless it involves waxing his car. He’s still got that low resting heart rate, the same rate that kept me in recovery for shock after Daphne’s birth. Core temp of 94 degrees and low blood pressure… come to think of it, that sounds a lot like swimming at o-dark-thirty. I choose life.

I kept my promise and logged everything I ate, even the second glass of wine after my son remembered he still had MORE homework at 8:30. I consider that hardship pay. Still, I was surprised at how easy it was to stay within my marks… Here’s yesterday’s log for example:

And then I also got credit for the workout—it’s pretty specific, too:

I’m going to let that smoothie digest for a while so I’d better hop back in bed and curl up with my Dane Maddox mystery. I have all day to face the workout video again, am I right?