Economic Informed Consent? YES, PLEASE.

I cannot think of a single more important topic for today, the day when I officially obtained decent health insurance for the first time in 7 years. I was uninsurable or near enough to it as an individual for that long.

You would think that a mother with several dependents who has been through some rough patches and SOUGHT CARE should be supported and granted proper medical care at an affordable rate SO THAT SHE MAY CARE FOR THOSE CHILDREN.

Meet my stepdad.


I just saw that today’s February Instagram Photo a Day photo is “sun.” Seeing as it’s dark already, I blew it.

SO. Instead I will substitute Instragrams of the trial run of hair and makeup to go with the wedding dress I can’t fit into yet. The shoes came and they fit, and the necklace and earrings came but they are the miniature cousins to whatever what shown on Etsy, because I sure as shit didn’t order from the Lilliputian section. I swear, perspective and spacial reference is key.

I digress.