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    PR Inquiries: I do NOT do product reviews or work for free. If there are questions, comments, or burning issues that would be of interest/benefit to my community, please let me know, but there is no guarantee that I can post about it. I am mostly limiting my efforts to paid work.

    However, I would be more than happy to:

    1. Accept advertising on my blog;

    2. Do a sponsored event together like I did with Frigidaire and Jennifer Garner;

    3. Make a video or videos, like I did with Quilted Northern; or

    4. Accept speaking engagements, like I did at Blissdom, or the recent Roundtable on the Future of Book Publishing at the NY Public Library.

    I also love representing and speaking on behalf of brands and products I love (see current and past clients and partnerships). Currently, I'm a family travel ambassador with Homewood Suite, because, frankly, I need more than the average hotel room when traveling with kids!

    I’m sure we can make it fun and a smart business arrangement for us all.